Albino Tiger Oscar Sick!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Hopper3370, Mar 23, 2019.

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    I came to my parents house this weekend and my dads Albino Tiger Oscar is just staying up in the left corner of the tank not moving. It will come out to eat a little bit but that’s it. Otherwise it just sits in the corner not moving. I looked at it and I think it may have fin rot. It hasn’t been growing either. My dads other tiger oscar was the same size but now is about 1/3 bigger. Can you please help us figure out what’s wrong my dad really likes the Albino and wants to save it. It’s a 60 gallon tank with African Cichlids and the two Oscars South American Cichlids. He had a canister filter, water levels are all good and all the other fish are fine. I will attach a couple images as well. Thank you in advance!!! 0498ED43-4A67-4B1C-91AC-0A073ACA5128.jpeg3FA148FB-3ED6-4110-BA27-FB7B72245FDA.jpeg8490D789-E817-4831-BD7E-9B034E81233D.jpegE8FE5589-6835-4DA7-9A7B-DEE118CC8CE3.jpegFC50E758-F3AA-4C9D-A359-CD4B0720F7F2.jpeg93C218CE-5E0F-43BB-85B5-C96B9BBC3767.jpeg
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    I would say the Africans are all over him and he is getting infected from the nips .
    I see a firemouth also .
    Sa cichlids like soft water and Africans like hard .I guess it doesn't matter if you use tap like most of us ?
    But long term mixing these types of cichlids rarely works out .Mbunas are so mean they can't even be kept with any thing but themselves and overstocking is recommended to spread out aggression .
    Not sure what to do the Oscar needs to be treated .Probably removed to do properly but I know that is not always possible.
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    Hello. Welcome to Fishlore. Your Dad needs to get the Oscar's out of the tank. It's a bad combination. He will need to get a bigger tank for them.