Albino Rainbow shark with bloated belly


I noticed a month or so ago that my albino sharks belly was slightly bloated. I had been feeding it mainly meat wafers and freeze dry bloodworms. I started feeding it some peas and algae wafers when I noticed and it seemed to be reduced a little. His feces is normal and he isn't acting any differently. Its not pregnant as it is male (I pretty sure at least as it has white tips on its pectoral and analfins). I've been doing more frequent substrate cleans as he tends to forage there. My tank is 65L (17gallons), which I know is a bit small for him but my friend was getting rid of his tank and so gave it to me. Any ideas what it is and what I can do?


When you get the chance to upgrade, I'm sure he will appreciate some more room! Unless he has been acting strange or develops any other symptoms or illness, I wouldn't worry about him too much. If you want you could quarantine him in a separate tank but rainbow sharks are commonly known to be on the larger side... I was reading another post (as I'm not the most knowledgeable about rainbow sharks) and it read "in the wild, there are times they can't get food, they will eat as much as possible whenever they can in preparation for the "dry season". I hope this helps!

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