Albino long fin pleco and Oranda goldfish?


I have 1 Oranda goldfish right now on a 29 gallon tank . I feel he is a bit lonely can I put an albino long fin pleco with him/her?

Claire Bear

I would not as goldfish do not get lonely-at least that is my understanding although they appear to interact with their caregiver. They actually enjoy their solitude. In a 29 gallon tank, your fish will be very happy swimming on his own and since he is somewhat of a scavenger, he will enjoy cleaning his own substrate/bare bottom tank!


I agree, plus albino long fin plecos get far too large for a 29 gallon anyway.
They also prefer different temperatures.


Goldfish are actually extremely social, just with their own kind. Sadly your tank isn't big enough for tank mates. I agree with the above, a pleco would not be temperature compatible with a goldfish.
If the OP is referring to a bristlenose, they are small enough to fit in a 29. Just not compatible with goldfish.


Yeah, that was a possibility though an albino long fin pleco is usually a sailfin or common, I've noticed.


I've only ever seen albino BN as longfins. I'll look out for that next time I go to the store.

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