Albino Geophagus Heckelii???


I was out yesterday looking to buy new car & I came across fish store never seen before. Was nice set up inside, fish were expensive- all of them. They had the electric blue ram, ballon blue rams & albino geophagus heckelii. The albino geophagus heckeliI were housed with juvenile discus & angelfish & they had a pair juveniles that looked like male & female. They want 100$ for pair of albino geophagus heckeliI which I thought was pricey & 12$ for the rams. I was a good hour + from home & decided not to impulse buy because I was hyper focused on car & my daughter wanted another discus that was in the tank. I wouldn’t get a discus here because they were skinny & not eating or wasting away, not taking a chance on their discus. I have discus & angels now together + Cory’s, black skirt tetras, etc. & I’ve done some moving fish around since I went on vacation for a week in September. I’m thinking about adding the albino geophagus heckeliI to my primary display tank in my bedroom. Anybody tell me about albino geophagus heckelii???


86 ssinit

Never seen it before. Doesn’t look like a geophagus looks more like an albino Bolivian ram. How big was it? You’ve got better will power than me. Walked into a store yesterday to get dog food and left with 6 ottos:rolleyes::rolleyes:. I’m leaving today for Germany:rolleyes:. Not sure how this is going to work out. But there’s plenty of algae in the tank. Got my fingers crossed.


Albino Acarichthys heckelii have been around for several years, they were almost as common as the normal ones for a while. It is the same species, so any information you find on Acarichthys heckelii applies to the albino form same as the normal form.

It should be noted that Acarichthys are Geophagine, but they have different behavior than your typical Geophagus species. Dominant males can be a bit aggressive, and they need fairly large tanks. They also like to spawn in caves. In the wild they use abandoned Pleco burrows for breeding.
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