Albino cory death

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    cyclo New Member Member

    In our local Walmart they 'keep' freshwater fish. I say 'keep' because every time I have walked past them they are in awful conditions, numerous dead fish floating around. At one point pretty much every fish they had was dead. Anyway, this particular time I noticed a tank of bronze corys and I decided to rescue them as they seemed fine - no dead fish in the tank, and I really like corys, so I bought 3, got home and did the usual assimilation.

    This morning I woke up to find one of my albino corys was dead, It was just sitting on the bottom of the tank, all this happened less than 24 hours after adding the Bronze corys. On further inspection I noticed it basically had no brain or eyes, or even a face. It was as though it's insides had been eaten and looked hollow.

    I'm completely baffled right now. I have no clue how it could of died so fast. My tank is in great condition. I have numerous live plants and do weekly 20% water changes to keep nitrates low. The pH and temp never fluctuate, everything is nice and stable.

    My other fish in the tank are Black Skirt Tetras (glofish kind)
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    One advise : never "rescue" fish from LFS's you're describing. Your "rescued" ones will be replaced in an eyeblink, leaving you with the problems.

    Have you seen it alive when you put the bronze in.

    Sounds it was dead for some days.