Albino Catfish missing


Hey guys I recently noticed 2 days ago that my catfish had a large swollen belly and it was barely swimming and constantly being on its side, upside down etc. I did a bunch of research and the majority of people said they can get like that when their full of eggs. So I was planning on monitoring it to look for other changes. However, within the hour my albino catfish went missing. I have gone completely through my 5 gallon tank checking the filter, gravel, moving plants etc. but there has been no sign of it for the past 2 days. I know some catfish like to bury themselves but I have gravel in my tank and didn’t think a 1 inch albino would be able to move the rocks. Not sure what I should do and where it possibly could be as my tank is fully covered at all times and I haven’t even found a carcass so I assume it’s still alive but I don’t know where or what. Attached is a picture of the last time I saw it. It somehow got stuck to my filter (it is a super mild one so I was surprised it was stuck to it) I had released it from the filter right after the picture and have yet to see it again.


It's somewhere in your tank. And it didnt look good I am sorry to say. It's very likely that it passed and it was sucked up somewhere, or buried in the plants etc.

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