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Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by AJE, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    This is my 15g, heavily planted with hornwort, sunsets, and other assorted unknown plants. The stock is: two female bettas( no problem since January)

    A male guppy a female guppy and over 30 fry(I am planning on putting the females in my pond and keeping three males in the tank)

    A vampire shrimp

    3 rcs (planning to add more)

    And A mystery snail

    Any suggestions?(I will upload pictures soon)

  2. DravValued MemberMember

    If the bettas are getting along then i think your setup is fine, maybe more guppies, they technically arent shoaling fish but they do better with their own kind around

  3. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    I added a female shrimp today. Here are some pictures, will get more soon ACD6FA4B-F22C-44C4-83AA-2C4F9ABE1830.jpeg96AB4E1F-FC57-4CB0-8344-EFA5223ABF90.jpeg69AFE7D2-BEB7-4037-9227-3BB1656B2686.jpeg6918B552-16D3-4B18-A0BB-1BF8FBD9DDAC.jpeg4113DA61-37FE-413B-A1E0-ED9320070065.jpeg

  4. georgelee1000Well Known MemberMember

    I would not add more unless you have another tank for your fry. Betta and guppy may not get along.
  5. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    They get along perfectly, and the fry is going in my mini pond once they get bigger

    @ValerieAdams I think it needs some pond snails if you want to send me some ;)
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  6. georgelee1000Well Known MemberMember

    Oh no!!! Pond snails are ugly. Ramshorn are better. But they will overpopulate. Hahaha.

    Could be a very gentle female betta. But keep an eye on them. I heard story where ppl keep betta sorority very successful for quite bit, and all the sudden one or two decide to kill others.
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  7. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    If anything does happen, I can easily separate them. This is an experiment I don’t recommend anyone else do this
  8. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    Here is the vampire shrimp and my bettas hanging out and my snail EF538106-2321-4BB9-BE7D-275977CBE5DE.jpeg26FA540C-C57A-4565-B753-105FAF4C1AED.jpeg3E1E8C32-1868-4546-ACFA-D8BB1708AC04.jpegB407EB21-DC1B-4764-829B-75F6178C02E9.jpegD63593FA-C930-48C0-B9B4-3A63FED83CDE.jpegE69ACAC9-2966-4117-8BB6-4766C2ABF3FB.jpeg
    BTW in these pictures the tank is pretty dirty, I have cleaned it all up since then
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
  9. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    3E9FFA0C-A5B2-41CB-8FBD-28248E429592.jpeg Here is the scape, sorry if it is kinda dark, the guppy fry ice cream containers are kinda blocking the light
  10. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    1. Love the bettas!!!
    2. Im naming your shrimp thing" Larry"
    3. The ice cream containers are ICONIC
    4. Love the speckles of colorful gravel in the middle of the brown colors.
  11. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    First my iguana Larry gets renamed Kermit, now my shrimp Bill gets named Larry! Y’all should just tell me what to name everyone before I name them!!
    Any way my white betta is very curious and does a trick where she goes in and out of my fingers, the blue one is there I guess. Also Mr snail thinks he is a filter feeder. Ahh, can’t upload pictures
  12. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    Btw I removed one of the male shrimp
  13. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    Here is some of the guppy fry, and the last original inhabitant of the tank died, the mystery snail 4BF71058-F229-4C00-9A6B-D9DDBFCB67A2.jpeg670A3C03-6609-493B-B38C-27A9C1805B1A.jpegD81BD78C-C60D-4A35-A4B4-893675937D1C.jpegBBE81E90-C005-440D-B3E6-AC0255E065EB.jpeg
  14. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    When I was gone the fish ate one of the shrimp, so the other shrimp went back into the shrimp tank. Can’t find the third shrimp
  15. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    Here’s the White House Mr. vampire shrimp loves hiding in it 08585C5C-403C-4D26-9A3F-4DDE5668012E.jpeg5524A225-14AE-44A8-AA31-2308664631D8.jpeg
    Also, I know the tank looks really dirty, but after the Christmas season I am going to remove everything, clean the tank, and do my best attempt at a scape
  16. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    I rescaped it, I think it looks better a little better, also I was given five swordtails, they will be moved when they grow a little 4E853919-F4D2-4D41-9931-316512B7D575.jpeg
  17. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    So my white betta has gone missing, she didn’t jump the tank and I looked all over the tank and she is just missing. And my blue betta got ick while I was rescaping the tank, I was gone for a couple days and forgot to tell the person taking care of the fish to put her back in the tank and she got ick. I don’t have a spare heater so right now she is in a 1 gallon bag floating in the tank, I have been giving her the ick treatment and she looks really depressed all she does is sit at the bottom of the bag. Do you think she will make it?
  18. Betta'sAnonymousWell Known MemberMember

    To be honest, didnt realize you had bettas! As to the missing one, any cats afoot?
  19. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    8 cats, all out doors though
  20. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    The Betta died:( three fish in two days to die. This isn’t my year. I moved all the fish out of the tank and put all my shrimp in the tank, now I guess it is a shrimp tank

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