Air Troubles

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    Hello all, new to the forum. I have a 75 gallon tank setup, with an AC110, a couple of bubblers and a low stock. My water is crystal clear, PH and temp are good. Tank is not fully cycled yet, doing frequent water changes to combat this (rookie move I know, but I was left with no choice when my other tank crapped out on me). I recently decided to get into the world of canister filters for the first time. I ordered a Sunsun 704B (Go easy, I don't have tons of funds). Set it up according to some instructions I found online (Canister instructions left much to be desired). Everything seems to be going well, until I noticed about every 2 minutes it would blow massive amounts of bubbles into my tank. First thing I thought of course, air is trapped somewhere. I looked online and people said to give the filter a little shake to get that air out. I did so successfully, however it didn't fix my issue. I took everything apart, checked all the seals, shortened my hoses, took my time assembling and priming the system again. All was great, for about 18-20 hours. At this point the bubbles returned, and I has to again tip and shake the canister slightly to get the air out.

    My question is this, as I did not see any answers when searching online. I have film on the top of my tank, and there is a lot of bubble buildup from my bubblers. I have the surface skimmer attachment hooked up to the canister to help get rid of this issue. Is it possible, that the surface skimmer is sucking in those air bubbles on the surface, causing a slow buildup air pocket in my canister?
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    Sounds likely, or it's sucking straight from the air. I don't know about the surfacec skimmer you're using, but some I've seen can end up sucking air. Simple test, remove the surface skimmer attachment and have the filter drawing from under water.
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    Will do, currently though I am trying to filter the film off the top of my water as it's ugly, so for now I've turned the bubbler off. If problem persists, I'll get rid of the surface skimmer and see what happens. Thanks.