Air Pump With 3 Sponge Filter

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    Monkami Valued Member Member

    Hello guys I want to ask a question how do u know that air pump can run 3 sponge filter?...I dono where to see info about my airpump because it been a long time I didn't use and I got 2 big sponge filter 22cm height 11cm diameter and 1 small sponge filter. Will 1 air pump strong enough to be use with 3 sponge filter?any advice would be helpful thank. PS:my air pump got high and low setting.
  2. KinsKicks

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    It can be done, but I don't think the power will be as good; but you can check by hooking it up and seeing what happens The only way I can think of having 3 sponge filters on one air pump (if it only has one outflow) it to connect to to a three-way gang valve to then attach it to the separate sponge filters. But like I mentioned before; you might not get as powerful of a current as you would running one per.

    However, if you do have success, please come back and say so! That would be really cool :)

    Hope this helps and best of luck!