air in tank

  1. mitchgmace

    mitchgmace Valued Member Member

    Can my tank have to much air running in it? I mean can I over do it with tge bubbles????
  2. TedsTank

    TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    lol that is a tuff question....I guess you could over do it. If your fish fall to the bottom there is too much air!!! lol

    Now, really:
    Air stones are nice and they agitate the surface water for gass exchanges. If your fish are struggling you ought to reduce the amount of bubbles. You don't want to create too much current from the bubbles along with the filter flow...some fish do not care for high current water flow.

    Your Needle Nose and minnows probably enjoy the bubble flow...the cichlids usually come from more gentle areas so if they aren't stressed you should be ok. Cory's are also found in areas of good moving water and gentle areas.
  3. OP

    mitchgmace Valued Member Member

    Thanks for info.
    Most of my bubbles run right up center of tank. One side of tank is calm. Theother has a small current.
  4. bruiser

    bruiser Valued Member Member

    Hey, Good advice above. Like TedsTanks said
    I have a TON of aeration in my 33g. Optima 807 running a 4'' round air stone and a 10'' long air stone. and a AC70 filter dumping water into the tank.. Very strong current, and tons of surface disturbance. I haven't had stressed out fish yet.. they all seem to enjoy it!
  5. Llama

    Llama Well Known Member Member

    Careful if you have live plants in the tank, they need the CO2 for photosynthesis.