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    ok experts. need some opinions. this is a two part question. you will be quized and graded afterwards and this will count as 1/5 your total grade for the seriously. here goes.

    ive read a lot in books and online about water temp for breeding bettas. ive come to find that water temp recommendations vary from 80 to 86 degrees farenheit.
    what is, if any, the magic number that you may have found to yeild best results of living offspring?


    when the time come (5 to 6 weeks) that their labryinths develop or perhaps sooner. can you lower the temp in the tank just so as long as the air temp remains constant? i guess simply put, when is it safe to adjust water temp lower without harming fry. i find higher water temps tend to breed bacteria fungus algae whatever it may be a lot faster than the same scenario but with lower water temp
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    I kept/keep mine anywhere from 79/82 ..a degree or two because now and then I have to open a window behind my fry/breeding tank LOL (darn fireplaces) I wouldnt go over 83 max...they just dont need it warmer and warmer water has less oxygen :)
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    I would say 80-82 is ideal from fryhood through to and including adulthood.
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    The magic # is 80..Although they can do well in temps as high as 86 believe it or not!
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    I keep my temp at 80 until the juvies are jarred which is usually around 10 weeks old...I keep all of my grow out tanks at 80..