Ai prime 16hd


Hey fl,so 3 months ago today I jumped into the world of salt . I’ve been keeping fw for a few yrs now, so I have the basic understanding of what’s going on and what needs to happen in my tanks.I have an evo 13.5 and in it I have 2 small clowns and 12 different coral frags. I purchased an ai 16hd and was wondering what should my mounting height be,the goose neck I purchased is an 8” adjustable.also what schedule should I use anyone who can offer some insight would be greatly appreciated


The mounting height should be where you get good even coverage and not a lot of "light spill" outside of the aquarium. I run my AI Prime 16HD's from 10am to midnight (ramping for about 2 hours on each end). Ramps up from 10am to noon and then ramps down from 10pm to midnight. I run the AB+spectrum.

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