AHHHHH! Fish Scare!! O.o

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    My Gourami nearly swallowed a rock a few minutes ago as I began to add new gravel to her tank!

    It gave me an awful fright, I don't know what I could've done if she had swallowed it as I frantically tapped at the glass to scare her off from what she thought was food as it sank to the bottom, it was an unsually slow sinking one.

    Any other Fish Parents have this scare in the past??

    Anyway, to cap, I purchased a much needed bag of "extra" gravel today for my fishy friends as the landscape has been rather on the shallow side for the eight months that I've owned it now.

    I'm sure that the BB in the gravel bed must have been disturbed in the process and to top that off, I ran into filter issues after I added it, and lost a small bit of BB there, I could feel/see it rubbing off on my hands, but it still has the same cartridge kicking in it that's been there since I started the tank.

    So, let's pray that it hasn't been disturbed enough to cause any issues with my fishie freinds and that they'll be nice and happy/healthy with the extra gravel added :)
  2. Magoo

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    Howdy :) sorry to hear mon ami nearly have you a heart attack the naughty girl ;)

    Mordin gives them to me all the time ;) from getting wedged behind the new filter only did it once and is still trying to bite me from it lol despite the fact I set him free.
    To him constantly getting in the way during water changes I strongly believe he does it on purpose so ill get out of his tank.
    Henry not so much apart from the strange places he decides to take a nap his new place is wedged under the grassy plant near to his bomb.

    I'm sure your bb will be ok keep an eye out for cloudy water as its a sign of a bacterial bloom but otherwise all should be well :)
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    When I was a young teen I had goldfish with gravel, and my goldfish would frequently swallow a rock. I would take him out, hold him gently and with a pair of tweezers, remove the stuck rock. There may be a better way but I was young. It worked though!
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  5. JustKeepSwimming

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    It's still a pretty common practice today. Quick, easy, painless. Better Than dying.

    I should mention the rock was never too far in. Just In the mouth. The fish was unable to expel it.
  6. OP

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    It's funny that yall should mention that as I lost a Ryukin Goldfish years back to being pinned under a fallen filter while I was away back in middle school. I can completely understand your fright Magoo.

    Also, I've been planning on getting another Ryukin Goldfish in the near future as I was very fond of that one, what substrate should I use then? Is it not "the norm" to keep them with my gravel.

    I look forward to your response JustKeepSwimming as you seem to be a Goldie enthusiast, I look forward to your advice.
  7. JustKeepSwimming

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    Well thank you stv, I try to be helpful!

    If you can see the stones in my icon, they're sort of medium sized, smooth, round river-rock looking stones. They're way too big to fit in their mouths, so are safe for goldies. You can buy them in bags at your local pet mega mart. They enjoy rooting through stones so these larger sized rocks with smooth edges seem to be best. A lot of times I'll hear 'tink, tink, tink' and look over to see my goldies flipping the rocks around in search of food.

    In their new tank I've got Black Diamond Blasting Sand, and after I get the rest of my live plants planted I'm going to take some clear reflective blue stones and scatter them in the tank for looks and for them to have a little fun rooting around in them.

    So essentially, I'd say the best substrate would be all or at least 20% smooth stones. They come in a variety of colors to match your tank decor. :)

    If you get a Ryukin I'd love to see pics! I've fallen in love with goldies. I'm actually looking to add a Panda Moor to my new tank.
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    Mines the same but mine at 2 dried shrimp at the same time and got stuck on his mouth. he's lucky cuz my mollies are like ninjas. -_- they steal food from anyone
  9. OP

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    I'm still workin on that Ryukin! ;)