Aguenon 65gal Aquarium Assemply-pet Smart


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I bought above product on 02/12/19 at local store after ordering on line. Got it home ok - unpacked everything and all ok -set up stand making sure level and placed cork tiles on top to sit tank on all ok - cleaned up tank no cracks and placed it on stand all ok. Then added 80lbs substrate - 30 lbs sand - driftwood and slate rocks all ok. Then I added 5 Gals of water and waited and LO and behold LEAKS all the way across the front lower seal and corner. So got out ole siphon and got her drained. I am not going to silicone it as I feel this was a brand new tank just out of the box so I am going to attempt to take it back to store to get a replacement. Last time I took an on line purchase from Pet Smart to return the store manager was not to happy about giving me credit or a replacement since I ordered it and paid on line as she said she owns the store and gets no credit for these kind of transaction. I hate to have to pack this entire package up and haul it to UPS or FED EX to get a return. I plan on calling Pet Smart Monday a.m. and see if they will ship me a new one and use that box and packaging to return leaking one or will the local manager let me deal with them again. Stay Tuned !


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sorry for the bad product. I would reccoment the petco 55 gallon Aqueon setup and add your own led light and you will have a much better product without losing much of a footprint. and down the line u can also add a nice canister filter. My 55 from petco is close to 3 years old and the Aqueon 55/75 filter it came with is still cranking along. Granted I added a Fluval 406 to it which probably lightened the load on it and a Finnex 24/7 planted+ ( profile pic ). I think if my memory serves me correctly the 65 has been an issue since its been in production. don't hold me to it though. Good Luck!!

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