Agression/Stress in Tiger Barb Schools

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    Does anyone know if gender ratios in tiger barb schools affect their aggression or stress at all?

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    I'm no expert but I would assume that a higher female to male ratio would be best. However, if I remember correctly, tiger barbs are rather difficult to sex with the naked eye. With a semi-aggressive species like tiger barbs I wouldn't keep them in any group smaller than 15 individuals anyways.
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    what iv read about tiger barbs is your best to keep them in groups of 6 or more there like wolfs they astabise a pecking order ones top dog the next 2nd n command and so on they can have a bad rep for bullying or nipping other fish if kept in a small group or alone I use to have one green tiger with 6 odessas just to see its personaly what I noticed it grouped up we the odessas and didn't bother any one apart from my yoyo loach them two was insepreble I think it thought it was the same type of fish as of the line markings or maybe they were just pals I was going to buy five more to form a grop but it died I had all my fish in a tank with sand there was a gas bubble it send fish loopy in the head the tiger barb was first to die then a black shark and a clown loach I have my fish in a gravel tank now so don't need to worry about gas bubbles.if ur worried about sress have a group of 6 or more add stress coat and feed well if you under feed some may not get the right amount of food and may become stressed that's all I can really tell u I'm getn a group of them soon but I'm adding them last incase they attake any new comers

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    the males of the groups may fight peck or bicher to find out whos in charge but after that they'll get on tiger barbs do infight a little but don't worry they'll be playing or auguing but I don't think itll last long think off them as a pack of wolfs but watch it comes down to the fishs personaly all fish are different some boysters some shy u may get ur top fish attake a fish and the rest follows as hes in charge befor I had one I read forums I heard people say they kill other fish or rip there fins but I think there lovely fish if kept in a school of 6 or more and keep water good feed well don't over stock they shouid be fine most of the time there great fish that don't bother others
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    I had a school of around 26 or so once, I made sure I had bought mature sexed females for the most part, 2-3 males max, it was a pretty peaceful school with no fin nipping, no chasing, and no bothering other fish. I had 4 gouramis and a featherfin catfish in there with them as well, and nobody had nipped barbells. Two males I had at one point (when the school was smaller )liked to bite at each other's mouths and spin around, sort of like a fight dance, but my female panda barbs always broke up the fights, for some odd reason.
    My males have always been the ones fighting each other and other fish, but my females never bother anyone. I usually aim to have an all-female school because of that.
    Anything with less males than females should be okay, though I would personally do 4 females for 1 male and then 6 females for every male added after that.
    A friend of mine liked the males' red noses, so she had a school of like 7 males and 2 females. The males fought constantly, chased the females, and almost all of them had nipped fins. They also reportedly bit at her corydoras fins, causing some of them to get infections and die off.

    Also, to sex them, wait until they get near full size where their noses start coloring up. Females have white noses. Red nose = male. Safest bet. Some females can have slightly red noses, and some males can have kind of light red noses, but, just to be safe, I always used to buy the females with the whitest noses of the bunch. You'll get better at telling the sexes apart visually by practice, with the different body shapes, fin colors, etc, but if you buy the whitest noses you're sure to get females.
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    can someone please tell me how I can open a new treand iv forgotten as not been here for a while
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