Aggressive Zebra

I recently got 4 Zebra Danios for my betta and my Betta seems unbothered by them. The Danios seem to be getting along with the Betta as well but one of the Zebra (the relatively larger one) won't stop attacking all the other Zebras.

I am thinking of giving that Zebra back but I don't know if that'll make the situation better or worse. They are all eating fine from what I know cause I feed them individually. What should I do?
Up the amount of Zebras to about 7 or 8. One is just being very dominate. Adding the others should cut down the aggression.
Zebra danios? Danios are super active fin nippy fish. They need at least a 30 inch long tank and a school of 8. They do not belong any were near a tank with a long finned fish like a betta.

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