Aggressive Mollie...


I have a 55gal stocked with 3 mollies, 3 platties, 3 guppies, 4 tetras, snails, and 1 pleco.

I came home yesterday and found 1 mollie dead and the other upside down barely breathing on the bottom... but the 3rd mollie was consistently nipping at it (even though it was almost dead!) I'm guessing the 3rd mollie was so aggressive it ended up killing the other two. The 'aggressive' molly is female... the other two were female and male.

Now that the mollies are gone... I can see that same mollie nipping at every fish it's near, mainly the platties. It's definitely not a 'mating' thing... especially since it's female. But it's just when another fish comes near it... it lashes out and tries to nip and follow it for a while.

I thought Mollies weren't supposed to be aggressive? Anything I can do to help? Or will I have to get rid of it?


All fish have different personalities. I would recommend rehoming her.

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