Aggressive Male Snail?

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    Please help solve this mystery. Is my large black male Mystery Snail "Dark Helmet" being aggressive or insecure? On and off all day long, every day, Dark Helmet roams the tank in search of "Barf" my large gold male mystery snail. Yes, I am certain they are both male. Dark Helmet suctions himself to the side of Barf and won't let go. Dark Helmet appears to have fallen asleep on him. I feel so bad for Barf, because he twists and turns, trying to get him off but can't. So, Barf takes off roaming the tank with Dark Helmet flopping back and forth off of him. What is going on? I have gotten Dark Helmet loose so many times but he continues to repeat the pattern. I pulled Dark Helmet out of the tank once before, but he only busted out of the tank and I found him nearly dried up inches away from the tank Barf was in where he was trying to find him. Do, I put him back in with Barf but the same pattern continued. So, yesterday I finally had to put him in a temporary 1 gallon bowl until I know what to do. Tank is 20 gallon, fully cycled and planted with one very passive Betta, 4 Mystery Snails total ( including Dark Helmet and Barf), and Ghost Shrimp. Dark Helmet does not go near the other two juvenile Mystery Snails. And, perfect water perimeters. Please help. Thanks
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    I wish I could help but I donto know much about snails.
    May I ask, why is one snail named barf? It's cute. I had a pleco when I was a kid and I named him Suck face, lol!

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    Dark helmet and barf may be playing Ummmm leap snail...and u may eventually end up with a clutch of snail eggs...keep a look out at the water surface of your tank for a slug like creature with a bunch of dots ... it will be a clutch of snail eggs

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    I have one that does the same.
    He said they're both males, so eggs are pretty unlikely.

    My first three mystery snails were all males and always did the same thing. Madi (the biggest) would bounce between Lauren and Chubbz nonstop seemingly trying to rip them out of their shells. They're all fine and thriving several months later.
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    From the movie, "Space Balls". lol
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    Are you completely sure you have two males? They will attempt to breed with any snail they can get a hold of it isn't unnatural for them to do this.