Aggressive Krib Help

Discussion in 'Kribensis - Kribs' started by HanC, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. HanCNew MemberMember

    I have 2 kribs and one seems to be relentlessly chasing the other im not sure of their sex but from looking through other fourms i may have a boy and a girl if someone could identify them and possibly tell me what the best course of action in would be great.
    They were both originally in a 200 liter when i had to pull one(girl i believe) because she was chasing all my fish i put her in a 60 liter to aviod any of my other fish from getting stressed she was also chasing my other krib then a week later to today my other krib (boy) started acting up so ive put him with the other krib now the chasing has begun and hes stressed!
    If anyone could help it would be amazing.
  2. JekaNew MemberMember

    there's a gangster joke here... oh well, I would put one in a different tank or find a bigger one for both of them
  3. MealorValued MemberMember

    They are female and male the top pic is male the bottom pic is female I have a breeding pair they will settle down she isn't ready for his attention yet make sure she has lots of hiding places like up turned puts and the like and they will be together when there ready :)

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