aggressive damselfish Question

  1. fishgurl7 Initiate Member

    Hi i have a 30 gallon salt water tank and i have 3 damselfish 2 small ones and a Sargent major my problem is every time i buy a new fish like a tang or angle fish they kill it constantly "pecking" at it. Should i just take them out?
  2. Shock Member Member

    Hi fishgurl, welcome to FL! :)

    Your tank is too small for a tang to be honest. What likely happened is that the tang couldn't escape from the Damsels' territories so it harassed it to death. A small angel would work in your tank, but if they are being too aggressive for such a fish, you might have to make a choice between them.
  3. fishgurl7 Initiate Member

    thank you shock! yeah i thought my tank was to small for a tang but i wasn't sure i"ll have to try a small angle and see what happens. do you have any other suggestions of types of fish i could put in my tank? thank you :)
  4. Shock Member Member

  5. fishgurl7 Initiate Member

    there both really pretty thank you :)
  6. Naeusu Member Member

    Damsels are really aggressive fish so any fish you put in there with them has to have a similar temperament or they'll be constantly harassed... try rearranging the rocks a little bit when you introduce a new fish if you can. The rearranging confuses them and makes them stake out new territories. they'll be too busy figuring out where they are to care about the new arrival.
  7. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    I would stongly suggest that you take back the damsels!!! You can have at ang if you buy a small sized. The only problem is that when it gets big you will have to take it out. Try a pygmy angel with a small clown !! Pygmies are perfect for smaller tanks they will stay the same size for ever that's the cool thing about them.