Aggressive Cherry Barb Issue

  1. K

    Kitsune Valued Member Member

    Ugh, I dunno what to do. One of the males is being REALLY aggressive. He attacks the cherry shrimp and the other barbs. The loaches are hiding and I dunno if it's because of him. The other barbs hide in the plants. Think getting more will fix the issue? I have three at the moment since the other three died but I dunno if I should just get rid of him since he is literally terrorizing the entire tank.
  2. iloveengl

    iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    They're supposed to be really gentle fish and they like schools of 6 or more. Was this male aggressive when he had more buddies?

    Do you have the barbs plus the ones in your aquarium info in the 10g? Insecurity without the school and water conditions could be stressing him. Do you know what killed the first 3?

    :-\ Hopefully it's just a schooling issue.
  3. OP

    Kitsune Valued Member Member

    I really couldn't tell you. I just noticed the aggressiveness recently. The first two died fairly quickly but the most recent one was only a week ago. I think he might have been more mellow before. I am thinking of increasing the school to 6 again but if he doesn't calm down he is going back to the pet store.