Aggressive Black Shark


Hey Guys

We've had a big black shark for a while now, nearly a foot long. He has wiped out our entire tank, except for just the one other black shark, whom is way smaller than him. We don't really want to get rid of him, because he's so beautiful, but it seems that barely anything will go with him except for big american cichlids like oscars, red devils so.But we don't want to go down that path because it costs so much replcing the fish if they get killed.

We were thinking of maybe keeping our 12cm black shark & putting african cichlids in with him, or just chucking in the towel & get rid of them both, get a few rainbows, silver's, red tails & africans.

What do you guys think, thanks.



Welcome to FishLore! How big is your tank?
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It's a 4ft tank, caves & stuff, but still plenty of swimming area. Approximately 200+ litre or 50 US gallons.

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