Aggresion In Guppies To The Extreme!! Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by TropicalFishieFish, May 20, 2018.

  1. TropicalFishieFish

    TropicalFishieFishNew MemberMember

    I had just gone to have a quick look:emoji_eyes: at my fish:emoji_dolphin: until I saw one of my female guppies with horrifying fins:nailbiting:. It's definitely not fin rot as none of the others have it and the water quality is merely perfect;). It was being chased by the fancier male guppy:shifty: and kept being bitten at and its fins looked shredded and it swam with real effort:bucktooth:. It tries to hide in the corner all this time:oops:. I've only found this out today. I was thinking :watching:I'll put the aggressive guppy in a bucket with the aquarium water in for a week and I'll do a water change every day:D. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Or am I doing right? I have 4 platies (1 Male, 3 females) and 6 guppies (2 males, 4 females).
  2. AntimatterAsterism

    AntimatterAsterismNew MemberMember

    You will want to move either the aggressive guppy or the one that is hurt, I'd personally recommend putting the hurt guppy into a QT tank so she can recover and heal. But I can't recommend putting a fish in a bucket, even with aquarium water, and not for a week. There'll be no filter, heater, or much of anything.
  3. OP

    TropicalFishieFishNew MemberMember

    I have a heater, and I said I'd do water changes every day maybe twice a day if I have too, but anyway i just gave the tank a big dose of stress coat and the next day her tail was repaired and the aggression was extinct hooray!

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