After total tank redo, water getting very cloudy, yellowish....

Discussion in 'Cloudy Aquarium Water' started by Bigrob, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. BigrobNew MemberMember

    Hi there, I'm new on the forum. I've been in the hobby 40 years and never had this problem. I recently redid my 55 gallon tank. New gravel and artificial plants. For some reason, after the last few tank re-dos, my tank is suddenly getting very cloudy after 2-3 or 4 weeks. I know of the cycling, but I have never experienced this before. As far as cycling, my tanks have never gotten very cloudy at all after I started a new tank or changed out everything. I live in Vegas and use tap water. Hard and lots of calcium. I treat the water with aqua safe and run the tank a couple of days and then add my fish. As I've said, this is what I have always done and always had good results...but these last 6 months I've run into this issue. I have never been one to check ammonia and that sort of thing, I've never needed to, but I think I am going to get a test kit. I just can't understand why this suddenly started happening. I'm wondering if the tap water in Vegas has been changed someway....something additional being added? I'm really baffled. Have some 1.5" fish. Oscar, green terror, bass, blood red parrot, 2 Plecos. I don't over feed. Ive used 1 hanging filter and had clear water. Decided to do 2 filters just in case. I also have added a foam in tank filter to house the bacteria needed, besides in the hanging filters bio area. Anyway any help would be awesome!

  2. maggie thecat

    maggie thecatWell Known MemberMember

    Hi! Welcome to Fishlore.

    These are re-dos of existing tanks, yes? Chances are it's bacterial bloom and silt from the old substrate getting rucked up and releasing gunk into the water column.

    When you make a major change it affects everything, not just appearance. The entire eco-system has to recalibrate.
    Fortunately, it's generally temporary and will settle down as soon as the filters do their thing and the bacteria adjust.

    A test kit is seldom a bad idea. When you have an issue and you ask for help, the first question most times asked is, 'What are your water parameters?' and then the diagnostic twenty questions goes from there.

    In the short term, there's some good information in the tank equipment subs

    about water quality, filtration, and so on you might find helpful.

    Edit: Hang on. The clouding is occuring WEEKS after the rescapes? That's not right. Days afterwards and persisting for a week or two would be a bloom.

    Are you cleaning the filter or changing the media before this happens? If so you still could be setting off a mini -cycle.

    Enjoy the forum!
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  3. OP

    BigrobNew MemberMember

    This last time was all new substrate. Rinsed well. Filters were cleaned thoroughly and new cartridges. The foam filter is a new item as well. Tank looks perfect for about 5 days, then starts to get a little cloudy, which I expect....then kind of keeps getting cloudier and has now taken on a slight yellowish/ greenish tinge. Maybe algie? I have been doing 10% water changes every 5 days or so. This Sunday coming will be 5 weeks since start. I will definitely get a test kit today and check the parameters. I'm just surprised, since this has never happened....
  4. maggie thecat

    maggie thecatWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah. Okay. When you took at the substrate AND put shiny new cartridges in your filters, you nuked your beneficial bacteria and started your tank recycling. Add the mulm that was left behind (unless you washed the tank too) and Bob's your uncle, all sorts of microorganisms are going to town.

    Get a test kit. Find out where you are in the Nitrogen Cycle, and proceed accordingly.

    Next time, don't swap your filter media until a month after a major re-scape. At least not all at once!
  5. OP

    BigrobNew MemberMember

    All is new so I'll have to wait. My main thing is why this is happening now. Did many new tanks and never had this. Gonna do a test kit today and let you know what I find.

    Thanks! ;)

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