African Vs American Cichlids 150 Gal

  1. Katreno101 Member Member

    What are some pros and cons between African Cichlids and South American Cichlids? What would cohabitate in a 150 gallon tank? Peacock eels okay? What other fish will get along or survive happily? I have An Mbuna and a Acaras and 3 gold rams
  2. Ernest Sacco Member Member

    I wouldn't recommend a peacock eel....they will be outcompeted by the cichlids and will eventually die....I've dealt with it first hand....since you already have a majority of Africans I'd stick with could go for a group of acei or maybe even a few venustus....I've got an 8 inch male in my 150 and he is stunning....I'd say that it really comes down to just what you like....they say Africans are more aggressive and colorful but I've encountered beautiful South Americans and my current green terror is the meanest cichlid I've ever owned
  3. Katreno101 Member Member

    Isn't the Acaras and rams South American? They don't get along do they? African and American? Are there any eels that get along or can survive against cichlids?
  4. Ernest Sacco Member Member

    Honestly it's a mixed bag...I've mixed them for years but it depends on the fish and the breed...yes with wild fought specimens water parameters would prohibit mixing but with the multi generations bred in captivity they've all become accustomed....I recommended the Africans because since you have a Mbuna they'll be the best to go with him.....but again I'm sure you could add a few South Americans....check my stocking on my 150 to see what I mean about it being a mixed bag

    In terms of eels it's hard to say....maybe a fire or tire track but they may pose the same issues as the peacock...maybe a bichir is a better bet...I've never had a problem with a bichir in a cichlid tank
  5. Katreno101 Member Member

    I'm definitely going to plant the tank before I add my fish to it though. That's for sure
  6. Ernest Sacco Member Member

    If that's the case you may want to stay away fro. Larger South Americans like jacks or Oscars as they love to dig and pull plants
  7. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    If you hope to plant the tank, Rift Lake Cichlids like Mbuna are going to have to go. They will tear up and eat any plants you put in there. With the Acara and Rams (not a great combination, but could work out) I would suggest increasing the numbers of the existing species and adding some dither Tetras or Danios to keep them company. You might be able to add some Laetacara dorsigera, Blunthead Cichlids. Don't let anyone talk you into Severums, as they are also plant eaters.

    I think a Peacock Eel would work just fine with these milder mannered SA Cichlids. If it starts out small, you might have to spot feed it for a while, but once it gets full size it will be quite able to compete for food. Malawian Cichlids would see the eel as a big worm, and attack it. Also, substrate is important, as Mastacembalid Eels like to bury in the sand and ambush small prey. The body disappears and all you see is the snout and the eyes. If you want an eel-like fish that stays in the open, I'd suggest one of the smaller Bichirs. However, these are very predatory, and at full size the Rams might be eyed as potential meals.
  8. Ernest Sacco Member Member

    If you go the route of a bichir id stick with either a normal common senegalus or an ornate if you want to spend the extra money....if you get them small and they grow with smaller cichlids around they don't seem to go after them from my experience....I have a nearly 10 inch polyepterous delhezi in my 150 that started out at 2 inches....I'm constantly having new convict and socolofi fry being raised to maturity and he is too fat and lazy to even try to get them....even when they swim right next to his snout

    In terms of Mbuna in a planted tank my 150 currently has a few and they don't touch the plants...that being said there is plenty of algae on the rocks to graze so they might not bother....
  9. Katreno101 Member Member

    Are there any plants that would work? Cause I do want to go with larger cichlids
  10. Ernest Sacco Member Member

    Java ferns and anubias
  11. Katreno101 Member Member

    Also my Acaras and Rams are oddly enough in my community tank and they get along just fine?