African Dwarf or African Clawed?

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by MAK15227, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. MAK15227New MemberMember

    I have these 2 frogs my daughter was given by school, they raised them as babies in school... I was told they were ADF... Safe with community fish, domicile, you get the idea. I bought a 10 gallon tank and purchased 3 zebra, 6 tetra, a Molly and 5 guppies. My tank is a kill zone. Every day fish are missing or dead, and we have a tetra and a zebra left. I was looking closely, I am beginning to think they are not ADF but their aggressive cousin the ACF. The reason being, no webbed front limbs. Any input? I tried to add a pic but I can't figure it out

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  2. MAK15227New MemberMember

    Here is one of the twoimage

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  3. TaffymiehValued MemberMember

    My first reaction to that photo is "Clawed!". From photos I've seen, they usually appear bigger, even sort of buffer, than ADFs. And with your story to compound the image, I'm pretty sure it isn't an ADF. If you have fish left, I would isolate the frog(or frogs) in a seperate container that hasn't been used for food or washed with soap and decide if you would like to keep them and get a new set up or get rid of them.
  4. MAK15227New MemberMember

    Thank you, I was going to purchase a 5 gallon tomorrow for them. I have many bowls etc but I prefer them to be in a nice space. My daughter loves them, the frogs are 3 months old and already the size of a mouse, which was another warning sign. It's not their fault they are what they are, and I don't want them to be hurt and people take on pets and don't take care of them... I don't want that to happen to the frogs. But now I have to cycle out the 10 gal because the other issue is my water will not stay clean, I did a 90% swap with a new filter a week ago and it already looks like pond water (the frogs fault?) I have a Betta in a 1 gallon bowl that stays cleaner! I may have to literally disassemble and start fresh for the 2 remaining fish and my new Pleco I just bought. The clawed frogs, should they be in stone or sand substrate? My temp is a steady 78*F, is this ok for them? I read so much on the ADF, it literally just came to me today that they were likely ACF. I now have to research the ACF to ensure I have happy creatures.
  5. TaffymiehValued MemberMember

    Wow! They're huge! Haha Unfortunately I don't know much about clawed frogs. Hopefully someone else can advise. But if they've been doing so well already, I'm sure a similar substrate to what you have now will be fine. Also when you change the filter, keep the filter media in it along with the new material to keep the beneficial bacteria around until the new media develops some.
    Good luck researching!
  6. MAK15227New MemberMember

    I'm a newb, all my aquariums although large and stocked in the past where self maintained, the water was always clear, fish healthy, no problems. This is a new endeavor and something I have never done before and my aquarium shop isn't too helpful. Media? Is that the charcoal, the bag it is in or the black mesh like thing in it?
  7. TaffymiehValued MemberMember

    I'm not the most experienced either so don't sweat it haha The charcoal isn't very important to the beneficial bacteria that helps reduce ammonia in the water, it's mostly there to keep the water clear and get rid of any smell I believe. The sponge like material and if there is a plastic part with a weird pattern on it, would be housing most of the bacteria. (Sorry my explanations are bad) This type of stuff should be kept in the filter along with whatever new sponge and whatnot you wanted to change. This is to keep the ammonia down with already established bacteria until the new filter has enough to take care of the tank. I would say to keep the old filter stuff in for at least a couple weeks along with the new material. If you just wanted to change the charcoal in hopes of clearing the water, simply switching it out would be fine.
  8. Strike2TAMUNew MemberMember

    That is indeed ACF (clawed), they grow pretty big and make a decent mess. They will need more than a 5 gallon for sure, best thing to feed is tetra reptomin, whatever size pellet they can easily eat. They will accept flake and sinking foods, but they devour the reptomin, they will eventually skim the aquarium surface and get them as they float. They will eat any fish they can catch and fit in their mouth, also they make some pretty cool noise as they mature. Hope that helps.
  9. MAK15227New MemberMember

    Thanks for the help! I have been feeding them blood worms frozen. And the pellets, and they have eaten 1 Pleco, 6 tetra, 2 zebra, 1 Molly and 6 guppies in all. My husband cleaned the tank last night and the amount of guts in the filter was insane. The water was hideous and I cleaned it 2 weeks ago.
  10. MAK15227New MemberMember

    Update: my mother in law has a 50 gal and is establishing a 20 now, she is taking the 3 fish, she has the same breeds so the schooling fish will be happy, she is purchasing a small tank to isolate them first...(she takes water from the tank the fish will be in, and some of the water they were in, puts them together and gets the temp to where they will be and leaves them to settle for 48hrs and gradually adds more water from the future tank) it is a science to her, I swear! I have no space right now for a second tank and 2 species are schooling and wouldn't be happy with what I have so the frogs are in a 10, I will get a 20 in the coming months, the fish are safe and the Betta is gloating, I swear! Lol I am skimming the frogs tank daily, I have them eating a pinch of pellets one day and blood worms the next, considering the daily fish diet that they had I don't want them to starve so I am trying to get them to a normal every other day feeding without them getting sick. I still need to get a 3 gallon for the Betta too, but I also need space for that tank as well. I have semi-considered taking the Betta to work and setting a tank up there.
  11. marijoWell Known MemberMember

    Hello MAK15227 and welcome to Fishlore, here's the care sheet for ACF, when growing up, your frogs will need a 20 gallons long. I don't know the kind of filter you have but ususally people change the carbon filter once a month, if you have a bag with white balls it should be bio-balls( they house beneficial bacterias) and a filter pad( holding beneficial bacterias too) that needs to be rinse in tank water when you are doing a water change. You don't need to change a filter pad unless it's falling apart. Hope this help!

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