African Dwarf Frogs


I was thinking of getting a pair? What does it take to care for them? What kind of housing do they need? I am a tropical fish keeper so I really don't know a lot about amphibians. I'll take any infomation y'all have! thanks! oh and as cruel as it sounds I am living in a rather small place right now (single and college student = small place) so I need to know the minimum they can be kept in.


I think you should only get one. I had 2 and 1 killed the other. You should provide it a pot for a hiding place and the tray (the thing you put under the pot) so that you can put its food there. You might also want to provide it a floating plant, plastic or real so that it's less shy. Since they are rather inactice, it'll do well in a 1 gallon to 5 gallon aquarium.


Mine does very well in my 20 gallon aquarium. They do well in smaller tanks, too. They take about as much care as tropical fish. Good food, good filtration, clean water and places to hide. Floating plants are good, too, but they will hang onto the heater and any air lines you have in the tank.



I have two in my 5gal with my betta. They are simple to care for, same as a fish pretty much. Give them places to hide and plenty of warm clean water and they will be your best friends.


I have two in a ten gallon, and they are just fine. They even share hang out space at the top where the heater goes into the water for hours without picking at each other. They have grown to about the size of a quarter, and are totally silly swimming up and down for gulps of air.

Here are pics

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