African dwarf frogs in 5 gallon?


I was looking into maybe getting some African dwarf frogs and I keep getting different opinions on whether or not you can keep 2 African dwarf frogs in a 5 gallon aquarium so I thought I would ask your guys opinion? The tank would have a heater and a good filter and everything else they needed but I’m a bit tight for space where I’m at right now.


You should have approx 5 gallons of water per frog. so
you should have at least a 10 gallon tank, you could pull off 3 frogs in a 10 gallon.


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You can but ideally something larger to give them room to roam and explore.A longer foot print tank is a good idea.

When I first started keeping them I used a 5g but switched to a 10.

The parameters of a 5g can go out of whack pretty quickly though. Weekly water chnages are a must.


hi, i keep 2 african dwarf frogs in a 5 gallon and they're completly fine! as for the "gallon per" rule, i've heard it either isn't actually real or for ADFs, you should use 2 gallons per. obviously, bigger is better! however i think if a 5 gallon is your only option you'd be fine.


IMO, 2 in a 5Gal is fine. They don’t produce much waste. Longer tanks are obviously better than taller ones for these guys. I’d recommend nothing taller than 12 inches so they can easily surface for a gulp of air.

So long as you make sure the water stays nice and clean. I think you’d be fine with the two in a 5 especially if they’re adolescents. They do grow fast stay open minded about upgrading them to a 10. It’s only a few more inches ;)


Adfs do best in groups of 3 or more, A ten-gallon tank should be the minimum. As 5 gallons per frog is recomended. Straining to keep them alive in smaller aqariums is not ideal for anything.


I’ve definitely heard mixed things about whether or not keeping ADFs in a 5gallon is acceptable. I’ve had adolescents thrive in pairs in a 5 and when they were full-size, I upgraded them. My largest ADF was raised in a 5 and she is just over 3 inches long and very healthy. She has since been moved to a 10.
Some people argue that a 5 gallon isn’t appropriate for a single betta either, and I strongly disagree. I’ve had plenty of bettas thrive in 5gal.
So, I don’t think it’s fair to say keeping them in less than a 10 gal is “straining to keep them alive”. That’s all. :)


It is entirely feasible to keep two African Dwarf Frogs in a 5 gallon.

Provided of course that the water quality is good enough which shouldn't be too difficult. Current should be gentle (my filter outlet flows through a plastic pan scourer).

What you do to make their environment suitable for them is up to you. My 14g tank is more simple and basic these days to facilitate easy observation and maintenance but it used to be heavily planted. But I have a good amount of floor space for the frogs.

I currently have three old frogs, one of which I raised from a tadpole in 2014 and two which I purchased in a group of 5 in January 2016. Three of these died of old age (I believe) in the last couple of months. I will probably purchase some more when the opportunity arises. I usually house 6 frogs without any difficulty at all.

I feed live daphnia every other day to give them something to hunt. I feed thawed and rinsed frozen bloodworm the other days, but not too much as it spoils the water. I sometimes feed soaked dried chopped earthworms or krill. I monitor the bodyweight of the frogs visually to ensure they are getting enough.

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