african dwarf frog


Umm...why would you want to?


Yeah you can if you wanted to lol, but I'm sure it would be stresful for the frog
I hve 3 of them and when I purchased them the gentlemen at the shop picked them up by their legs
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0morrokh said:
Umm...why would you want to?
Ummm...I don't know... people want to pick up their newts and stuff...also I think people would want to cuz theyre cute...why not. I don't have one and am not getting one..I was just wondering..If you would treat them like fish or like newts... Though I guess the answer I'm looking for is no because it would stress them out.


I only touch mine when they're under the water (don't take them out) while I'm feeding them (they love to eat out of my fingers because then they don't have to hunt for their food! ;D ) If you're looking for a frog to touch or hold, don't get ADF's. Mine are too cool for words, and full of personality, so they're loads of fun even without much contact.

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