African dwarf frog help ASAP

  1. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    I just got three African dwarf frogs and two seem happy and healthy and are eating well, while the third has only eaten once and I got home from work to find that he had climbed up onto the leaf of one of my fake plants in the tank. I'm worried that something is wrong because he seemed pretty unresponsive. Is this normal? If not, what can I do to try to fix it? I'm really really concerned. Thanks.
  2. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi :)

    When did you get them?
    What size tank?
    Are there other places for the fogs to hide out to feel secure?
    What else is in the tank besides the frogs?
    Readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?

    It might be normal. Frogs do like to hang out sometimes. The answers to the above questions might help rules things out.
  3. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    I got them two nights ago. They're in a 10 gallon tank (that I cycled before getting them) with coffee cups for them to hide in (the other two love to go in them). The frogs are the only species in the tank. I'll have to do tests on ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates in the morning, but when I checked yesterday, ammonia was close to 0ppm, as was the nitrite level, and the nitrates were at about 30ppm. I was going to wait a couple of days before doing a water change, but could do one sooner if you think that would help. I also just found him hanging around by the heater (at the surface on the suction cup for the heater).
  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Coffee cups.....are they painted or glazed?
    If yes, remove them immediately and do a huge water change. They can leech toxins into the water.
    Frogs absorb these toxins through their skin.

    A few years ago I almost poisoned my frogs with a glazed dish.
    They started acting like your frog. Hanging at the top, not eating.

    Once I figured out that was the only thing that was new and removed it along with a good water change they went back to normal.
    Close one!

    Plain clay terra cotta pots are aquarium safe :)

    Hopefully that's the issue if there even is an issue. Sometimes they just like a comfy place at the top to rest.
  5. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    I think that's it! I read a bunch of articles saying to use coffee cups as shelters, but they all failed to mention the painted/glazed thing! I'll remove them promptly and get some clay terra cotta pots tomorrow to put in there. Even if he (or she, I haven't been able to sex this one yet) is fine, this could've turned bad fast! Thank you so so so much!!!
  6. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    He (she?) also may just like it there and everything is fine. They can do the oddest things that make us worry but turn out to be nothing.
    Better safe than sorry though.

    Keep us posted!
  7. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    So the ammonia level is in between .25ppm and .50ppm right now, the nitrite level is 0ppm, and nitrates are about 10ppm-20ppm. I did a partial water change this morning, I'll keep an eye on the levels to see if I need to do another one right away.
  8. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    How is your frog acting today?
  9. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    Before I left for work this morning he was not too active but not on the surface at all. He was also more responsive, so I'll see if he'll eat tonight! (I'm pretty sure it's a male but still not 100% sure)
  10. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    That's good. :)
    If it was the glaze from the coffee cups it might be a good idea to do more water changes to get any residual toxins out of the water.
  11. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    I'll do more water changes. The clay terra cotta pots I got for the tank have little holes in the bottom that I fear the frogs might try to go through and get stuck, what would be safe to use to cover up the hole?
  12. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Anything really. A piece of filter sponge a small pebble, filter floss. Anything that is safe for aquariums that can be shoved in the hole.

    There are tiny clay pots where the hole is too small for a fog to fit through. Some of the ones I have don't have a hole.
  13. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    I filled the holes with filter sponge and it seems like it'll work really well! He still isn't eating yet though, is there something I can try feeding him besides bloodworms? (None of them will eat the pellets I got for them, only the bloodworms).
  14. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I feed mine frozen brine shrimp
    These are are foods one of our members recommends
  15. Africandwarffrogowner Member Member

    I'm getting frozen brine shrimp today hopefully, but he was on his back this morning before I got up apparently, which happened last time I had frogs before it died. He seemed fine before I left for work today though, so I'm not sure. I'm really anxious to see if he's okay.
  16. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Mine have fallen over on their backs and just laid there because they are silly that way but coupled with the way he was at the top before, I just don't know

    Hoping for the best that's for sure.