African Dwarf Frog Breeding


anyone have any experience with these guys?
I have a female and a male and would love to breed them but the internet has a load of contrasting theories so I am struggling a little. also, they are in a 20 gallon with 4 female bettas, should I move them to a 3 gallon I have to make it easier to breed or will they be ok where they are?


They eat their own eggs and tadpoles as will tankmates.

I'd scoop out the eggs immediately after laid and put them in a fry tank set up for infusoria.

The tadpoles will take the same live prey as egglaying fish fry and are relatively easy to raise..


Lucy can help with this as well.
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Hi! Like Redshark said, the parents will and tank mates will eat the eggs. If any survive they'll get eaten too.
Personally I found them difficult to raise.

This sticky should help: ADF Tadpole Development

Good luck!


I’ve raised a brood, but only one. I wouldn't say it’s easy, certainly not the first time around.
I imagine after a few go-‘rounds, with all equipment and gear sorted out, it would get easier. But for a solid 4-6 weeks (depending on timing of egg laying - most females will lay in batches, say nightly or alt nights, for a couple weeks, so a cohort will be of mixed ages), you will be feeding 3x per day (@frogbreeder’s treatise calls for 6x daily, but I couldn’t manage that, and made do with 3). After a few days of infusoria, baby brine shrimp is the way to go.
If you’ve raised any fish fry (which I haven’t), you’ll be better prepared in terms of time, equipment, and supplies required.
But obviously have a female and male that provide and fertilize eggs is a prerequisite.
I would imagine a betta would eat any eggs virtually as they are laid.

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