African Dwarf Frog And Corydoras Feeding

  1. Vicky jeal Initiate Member

    I've had 10 African dwarf frogs for a few weeks now in my 30G tank.
    I've been feeding them frozen bloodworms. I sprinkle them at the front of the tank so I can see who comes forward to eat.
    I've ordered frog pellets too but as I'm in the U.K. they take about a month to arrive.

    I've just got 6 peppered corys and they're like hovers at feeding time. I know a lot of people try hand feed their frogs but as I have 10 of them it's a little difficult.
    So I've been putting a little bit of food in the tank so the frogs smell it and come to the front of the tank like I've trained them to do, then add more food and some bigger pellets for the corys at the back so they're distracted.
    My question is how much should I be feeding them? As I'm worried I may be over or underfeeding them.
  2. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    If I remember from my frog days, it was 1-3 frog pellets a day, depending on the size of the frog and how much they ate- don't know what that translates to in Bloodworms :confused:. It sounds like you've come up with a way to feed them. Good for you, it's often difficult to feed frogs when you've got fish in the same tank, especially bottom feeders.