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Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by AlexAlex, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    I am planning on getting 2 Albino's from a reputable amphibian (aquatic as well) breeder tomorrow. They are currently around 3".

    Is a 10 Gallon tank big enough for the time being?

    I do have a few hiding places (Rocks and a couple of Silk Plants).

  2. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

  3. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    This will be an ACF tank only. The 10 Gallon is temporary for 3-4 weeks until I get a bigger and longer tank (And yes, the tank is 100% being upgraded at that time).

    For adult ACF's, what is the minimum for 2?

  4. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Up to 3 frogs in a 20 long seems to be about right.

  5. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks for the information, Cichlidnut. :)
  6. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    I have decided to not get any ACF's and just get about 6 ADF's for my 10 Gallon.

    They stay much smaller and I can get a few more of them. I want to make sure they have enough friends for one another.

    Should I make sure the water doesn't have a lot of agitation? Or does that not matter?
  7. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

  8. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    The 10 Gallon will be ONLY for the ADF's. I've heard that more than 12" high is too much for them. Is that true? (My 10 Gallon is 12 inches high).
  9. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    ADF's are fine in 10 gallon tanks. They like floating plants that they can hang out on.
  10. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    I already have a few smooth-like rocks formed as caves. I'll have to buy a floating plant, though. The fish shop I got my Mbunas at has tons of live floating plants, so I'll purchase one or two there.

    It looks like I should have no more than 4 in a 10 Gallon tank from what I read on the care page you posted.
  11. frogbreederWell Known MemberMember

    Hi AlexAlex, ADFs are an excellent choice, indeed. They are just so cute and entertaining. Yes, four ADFs will do very well in a 10 gallon, single-species aquarium. And, floating plants, as well as some places to hide on the bottom will also be necessary. Minimal filtration is suggested for these frogs, because ADFs prefer still water that is very calm at the surface. Personally, I use either no filter at all, or one that is extremely under-rated for the size of tank used. Also filters can be easily modified to minimize their flow rate, if necessary.

    ADFs can be kept in 12 inches of water, but a depth is 7-10 inches is preferred, especially for breeding purposes. Personally, I don't mind the look of a partially filled aquarium, but I realize some people think it looks better when the water line is nearer the top. Partially filling the aquarium will also ensure there is an adequate amount of fresh air at the water's surface for the frogs to breathe, as well as help to prevent the frogs from escaping. But, I wouldn't recommend keeping ADFs in water any deeper than 12 inches, as deep water can cause these frogs to quickly become fatigued, especially if there is nothing at the surface for them to hold onto, while they rest.

    I'm certain you won't regret your decision to get ADFs instead of ACFs. These little guys are absolutely amazing. I suspect you'll fall head over heels in love with them, just like the rest of us on this forum who keep ADFs. Please keep us posted. We'd love to see some photos your little ones, when you get them. All the best. - frogbreeder

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  12. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    Frogbreeder -

    Thank you so much for the informative and congenial post. I almost felt as if I was watching a "Care" video on YouTube (professional, that is)... lol

    I will definitely keep the water level at around 7 or 8" instead of the full tank. I'm leery of them escaping so I definitely don't want to find a dehydrated frog. I'll be getting some float plants, too, so they'll have plenty of rest areas.

    They'll love the lake rocks that I have in the tank. I caved them up really well, too.

    Again, Thank you... And I will be posting pictures here and there as well.

    Alex :)
  13. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Here's one of my frogs hanging out in some plants near the surface :)

    I have a redish light for my plants, makes pictures look a little funny
  14. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    They're so cute! Are they a "couple" ? lol How old are they?
  15. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    :;frog3 I'm late to the party!
    Good choice Alex.
    Have fun and don't forget the pictures!
  16. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    LoL @ That frog emoticon! You're not late, just making a grand entrance! Haha

    Thanks, Lucy... I definitely will post pictures after I get them. I plan to go to my favorite LFS tomorrow and get 4 of them. I hope they are male and female mixed. Any way of telling when they're young?
  17. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    No, not when they are very young.
    You'll have to wait for them to mature a bit.
    There are pics in the care guide.
    Others have posted pics as well on the forum.

    The best way to tell is a mature male will have a whitish/pinkish pimple under both front arms.
    Females are broader and have a bit more of a nub where the tail has been absorbed.

    I'm excited for you.
    I haven't seen any healthy adf's in a while.
  18. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    The ones they had earlier this week at my favorite LFS looked pretty good to me. They take very good care of all their animals (they have amphibians, reptiles, fish, etc). They're usually cheaper than your pet shop chains (Petco, Petsmart, etc).

    I should have bought them a few weeks ago when they had them on sale for $1.99 each. Oh well - You live and learn!

    Thanks for the extra information, Lucy. Much appreciated! :)
  19. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    ADF Pictures from my tank ;D
  20. frogbreederWell Known MemberMember

    What great photos! Cichlidnut's frogs always look so healthy and content. The plant shown in Cichlidnut's photos, guppy grass, is an excellent choice for ADF tanks, because it provides the frogs with something to hold onto at various levels of the water column. For the bottom, anubias is a good choice. It doesn't require substrate or a lot of light, and the frogs absolutely love to hide under its broad leaves.

    AlexAlex, thanks. I'm certain that you won't regret getting some of these adorable, little frogs. They are just so darn entertaining. And, of course, we'd love to see some photos of your little guys, when you get them.

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