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    I have 5 electric yellow Africans,.2.demasoni,1bp,1rainbow shark and 3sds.. Now the question I$ can I have.convicts im with this fish?
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    What size is your tank?
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    Mbunas should be with mbunas. I'm not a big nut where they must be from the same lake. But if you like your electric yellow labs and demasoni id keep them. You have a 55 right? That's plenty big. Check out alex's pics or mine. Randomzoid has a mbuna tank as well. So does Disc but I don't know if he has pics.
    I don't know much about sharks but most get too big even for a 55. A 55 is a big little tank lol. 75 is a little big tank. Big I've read they do best in a 125 + . I have a rescued bp in my tank and he's getting picked on bad since they only have the back set of jaws. His tail is getting pretty ripped up.

    What are sds?
    Convicts eat an entirely different diet. Mbuna (your labs and demasoni) are herbavours. They scrape algae off of rocks. Convicts need high protein. It matters because if the mbuna get too much protien they can get malwai bloat. Nasty disease.
    There are many beautiful mbuna to pick from. Johanni, zebra, acai.
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    I would Add, although a Rainbow Shark will work in a 55gl ( this is one of the smaller species of sharks) they are not compatable with Mbuna. as JD mentioned keep Mbunas with more Mbunas. in a 55gl I would add another another 3 Demasoni's and add another species of Mbuna ( the Acei comes to mind for this group.) With Mbunas, the less you have means the more trouble and agression you will have. i would rehome the shark and whatever the rds is.

    Welcome to Fishlore by the way.