African Cichlids-55 gallon tank what kind of filter?

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    Cichlidxorz New Member Member

    What kind of filter should i get for my 55 gallon cichlid tank?
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    dahly Valued Member Member

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    dano569 Valued Member Member

    i've got an emperor 400 biowheel and an aqua tech 30-60 on my mbuna tank.
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    joe Valued Member Member

    on my 55 I have a Whisper 60. Its pretty big but it makes kinda alot of noise( even tho the name is whisper) :D It came with the tank. I'll probably get a new one some time tho.

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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Depending on your finances, a canister filter might be just the ticket for you. Do some research on them and how they work. When I was starting out in the hobby, I chose the filstar XP line for my 100 gal. tank because of gph (gallons per hour), easy to clean, self priming (although this doesn't always happen), and they are supposed to have an automatic shut off if the motor starts to overheat. I am very happy with the 2 that I have and would buy another. Eheims are supposed to be top of the line but are much more expensive. Just research the pros and cons of each. There are quite a few models out there.
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    Jason Well Known Member Member

    I have an Eheim internal filter and it works great. They have really good efficiency, low noise and provide good airation with the built in diffusor. I've seen their External Canister and they look wild have have built in heaters, but are very expensive. They just brought out a new model internal thats Very powerful and is for tanks over 50gal.
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    Eric New Member Member


    I had very, very good results (for many years) with an Aqua Clear 500. :)