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Hello all, thanks in advance for any replies/ information.

I am in the process of acquiring a 55g tank (possibly 60 depending on local sales) and want to stock an African tank. I have a Jewel Cichlid in my current tank that I would like to add once the new fish become established in the new tank.

Stocking idea so far:
6-8 yellow labs
1 jewel cichlid
1-2 different peacocks

I have tried to find information on different peacocks but the variety is just too large without taking a trip to the LPS (I will be going this weekend for some inspiration)

I am aware that the Jewel is not a lake species but I believe once she is in a larger tank (55g from 36b) that she can establish a more solid territory.

I am looking for additional suggestions regarding my stocking or breeds of peacocks that may work with this setup. Also, if I were to not get the peacocks, could a small school of rainbowfish work with this stocking?

Any and all tips/experiences/information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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No jewel cichlid, while they are also African they are not really the same as Rift Lake mouth brooding Africans. They can be mean, but they aren't as mean as mbuna and I think there will be issues if kept together.

No rainbows, stick with keeping African with other Africans. I'd bet the rainbows would be torn to bits after a while. Plus rainbows are more soft water fish while Rift lakes cichlids need hard water.

For a 55gal tank I'd suggest you shoot for 15-20 mbuna/peacocks. African seem to do best in overstocked tanks as it spreads aggression. A fair amount of rockwork and other such decor is needed as well. As for what peacocks to choose, just pick ones that stay around 6in as adults. You could probably go to a mixed peacock tank and choose whichever you like, but IMO OB peacocks are the best. Just keep in mind the gender ratios, 1m/3f is best. Getting all male peacocks would probably be easiest though.

Generally speaking, you could go all mbunas or all male peacocks. Most mbuna species are too mean to keep with the more docile peacocks, but it is doable with yellow labs as they are considered one of the nicer mbuna (though I have had a male lab kill a peacock before). If you do all male peacocks you could have a wide variety of colors which makes for an interesting tank.
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