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Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by STLBluesFan, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    i didnt know where else to put this, not really a beginner lol. but anyways... ive had a 55 gallon tank in the past and easily mantained it and kept it going, but now, since im getting a 75 gallon tank, and plan to do peacock cichlids... ive ran into a couple things that i dont know... so here is the questions list lol

    with heaters, 2 average size heaters, or 1 big heater?
    with it being african cichlids, i need rocks, how can i get them stable other than silicone?
    and i seem to be having a hard time finding the 2 hoods for it. any advice on that? id like a hood that aleady has the light socket in it, ive seen the glass versa tops, but... what would the light go in? can you buy just the lights, with the plastic around them?

    thanks to everyone who replies with some answers!

  2. mmolitor87Well Known MemberMember

    I have one big fluval heater in my 60 gallon. I like it a lot, it stays really warm and with really good circulation in my tank all the water stays about even temp. I have a 100gallon 350gph filter to give an idea. Also, with the way weather has been around here at nights lately we haven't had the heater on. It does just fine. :)

      200w :D

    As far as the hood goes take a look at:  

    I guess that'll depend on the tank specifics.

    For glass tops you'd likely have to hang lights. Doesn't sound like you want to do that.

    Not sure about the rocks...I'd like to know as well. When my CA cichlids get bigger I'd also like to get some rocks. So far as I know Texas Holy Rock should be fine without treatment...they have it on newegg for comparable prices. :)


    Edit: GO BLUES! :D They did amazing!

  3. QQQUUUUAADDDWell Known MemberMember

    Actually with glass tops, the light fixture sits on the glass top or sits with legs. Here are some pics:


  4. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    thank you! and yeah, no heaters been on here either. lol and, no, id rather not hang lights... as far as my filtration, i have a marienland HOT canister filter that was on my 55 and ill prlly be getting another filter to add to it
  5. mmolitor87Well Known MemberMember

    That would actually look pretty nice. I saw some of those browsing newegg as well. :) Not sure on their prices for fish stuff, but they're generally pretty cheap compared to anywhere else for computer. Fast shipping too!
  6. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    it seems that most hoods that i find that 24 inches seem to not be wide enough for a 75 gallon, like they are all made for a 55 gallon
  7. mmolitor87Well Known MemberMember

    You might just try some of the stores in the area. I'm sure they can help you find a top. I've heard good things about Malawi Aquatics in Florissant. Apparently they have a really nice selection of Africans. :)
  8. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    How wide is the 75? You may have to put two narrow lights side by side.

    The glass tops usually consist of two pieces of glass with a plastic hinge in the middle, allowing you to just lift the front half for feeding. But if the tank has a center brace you may want to consider two glass tops side by side also, since a single large would be fairly heavy.
  9. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    im actually not sure if it has a center brace, im assuming it does, ive never seen a tank that large not have one, so yeah.. i was going for 2 hoods, and it is 18 inches wide, seems all i can find is the 11-12 in wide for the 55
  10. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    You could get one heater, or you could get two- it's really personal preference. I have just one in my 55 and it works fine for me.

    As for gluing your rocks together, epoxy works great- much better than silicone. Here's a picture of the stuff I just recently used to glue my rocks together. I got this at my lfs.

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  11. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    it does have a center brace. Hold on I will find a link for a recent thread about tops.
  12. ReefdwellerValued MemberMember

    Okay here are my thoughts and answers to your questions. Use one heater - no need for 2 in a 75 gallon. I use dry stacked slate rock that I picked up for free at a strip job site. Beautiful rock and although I had a few rocks slip around at first I have found a good stack that works just fine. Take a look at my gallery and you will see what I am talking about. I used nothing to hold those rocks together and they still stand just fine. I have african, peacock cichlids and blood parrots. Lighting - big decision because the presentation of the tank relies heavily on what type lighting you have. I know you mentioned you want them in the plastic casing. I am not sure if this is best on your budget or just what you prefer but... you dont have to hang a light bar up by no means but you can get a bar that just rests on the glass with feet. There are many makers of lights but Marineland makes a mean LED day/night strip light bars but they are more higher end price wise. These lights bring out the rich colors of the cichlids that I enjoy when I look at my tank. Also, if you plan on keeping live plants now or later down the road you have your light in place. If you are watching the budget then your LFS could direct you to a light bar they may have at a cheaper price or one in the plastic case like you mentioned for a fraction of the cost. I would also take a look at amazon or ebay for a hood light but I prefer the glass tops and light bar.

    I know it was mentioned that the heater was not even on because the weather was hot or what not. I live on the east coast and maybe I am different but regardless of weather outside or in I would never recommend turning off your heater. All it takes is one chilly night to drop the temp. down about 5 degrees or more and then heats back up the next day... then you find yourself with ich and other temperature change issues so I would never take that risk.

    Again take a look at my gallery and check out my 75 setup. I am not sure if you can see the light bar in them but the rock, fish and all that good stuff is on there for sure.

  13. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    Here this should help
    Lighting wise petsmart sells 24inch fixtures that can just rest ontop of the glass. I have a couple of the marineland LED lights, they are nice, and do make things look more vibrant, but they cost a lot 2 18in single fixtures would be $100. ( I plan on having these on the 90gal, the legs on the 18 inch fixture extend to fit a 24inch tank, and I can get them at petsmart)

    EDIT: as far as the heater I am running a Aqueon pro 250watt heater on it, no problems with the temp.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2012
  14. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    thanks everyone, and the only reason i brought up plastic covering is because all my tanks have been walmart kits, so the plastic aquen hoods with the lights on them, encased in plastic is all ive ever used
  15. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    You can but the same strips by themselves and put them on the glass tops( those where the fixtures I was refering to in my last post.
  16. mmolitor87Well Known MemberMember

    Noooooo, sorry! We live in the same area and it has been quite chilly at nights here. I was referencing the heater in my house! The heater in my tank is always plugged in and set at 76 for my lovelies. I just meant that the heater was doing fine even without the house heater being on. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I completely agree with you on that!
  17. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    yeah, i was just thinking about that, but i also have not been able to find a glass top for 75 gallon yet, all have been for a 55
  18. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    wait... i just had an epiphany!!! haha... i have 2 lights, from my 55 gallon *(that my wifes gerbils are currently housed in) so i dont even need lights... i have them, i may go to lowes or home depot to change the bulb but i only need hoods, lights = solved
  19. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    I got the tops that are on the tank at Tropical world pets, it is a perfectco 75gal glass top set, but it is 1/8 inch too wide on each side to fit inside the little lipped area in the brace, not a big deal for me beause it sits on top of the brace/ trim and I have a 48inch T5HO on legs over it. But for 2 smaller fixtures it would be a problem. The link inside that thread should be the other brand that makes replacment tops, since the brand I bought did not fit, that one should, from what I understand. Tropical World Pets did offer o get me a different brand ordered, but I just never bothered.

    Yey, you don't have to look for lights!
  20. STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    thanks lexi... i found hoods on the dr fosters and smith website. so now, i know what lights and hoods i plan on using, what substrate i plan to use, and 1 big heater. and have all te decor planned out, ill try without epoxy.. if i get aggravated with falling rocks ill use it... and i need to get another filter, to help my marineland HOT canister filter. possibly another one of those, are a cheaper HOB filter. not sure yet,, but yeah... everything is planned out! exciting!

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