African Cichlid Aggressive

Discussion in 'Advanced Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by TIBBITTS, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Ok so i have a 65 gallon tank that had 2 african zebrafish cichlids (not sure what types specifically) and yesterday i put in 2 yellow lab cichlids, and while there was some basic aggresion at first by night it had died down. But today one of the zebras (also the bigger of the 2 zebras) is constantly chasing not just the labs but the other zebra as well keeping them in an area opposite of him in the aquarium. I dont know if i need to simply get tid of the aggressive zebra or the labs (the decor was switched around before adding the labs in an effort to lower later aggression), add more african cichlids to spread everything out or what and i really, really dont want to have to get rid of the labs if i can be helped. Water parameters are 0 nitrite and ammonia, nitrate is slightly over 5ppm, ph is 7.6, water hardness is 0, there was an issue shortly after getting the zebras over ph balance that took a few months to permanently fix resulting in thos 2 zebras being alone together for that time, could it be that being alone for so long is some how effecting their behavior? It clearly isnt over stocking with 4 of them in a 65 gallon and while my tank doesnt have caves everywhere, there is a few with dense vegetation around a central log and rocks creating over hanging caves. And very, very seldomly does the aggressive zebra occasionally rub his side on the substrate, i have never seen him do that before
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    Can you attach pics of each fish so they can be ID'ed?
  3. TIBBITTSNew MemberMember

    Um how would i do that? Forgive me i am not very familiar with this site
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  5. gilpiValued MemberMember

    African cichlids are territorial which leads to aggression. This is why you will always see an overstocked tank with Africans in it to diverse the aggression.
    Four or five fish in a 65g won't work well. I have 11 medium sized Malawi fish in a 55 and it has been a good balance for almost two years and even now I still feel I can put in a couple more.
    It gets worse when there is mating and breeding going on, I don't care to breed them so I usually get different fish and colors, that also keeps aggression down since they seem to go after each other when the colors are the same.
    Bottom line, if you want an African cichlid tank, you'll have to get more fish.
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