African Butterfly Fish Questions

Discussion in 'Oddball Fish' started by jehorton, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. jehorton

    jehortonValued MemberMember

    I was debating on whether to buy one of these fish or not. I hear they can be picky eaters and that shouldn't be a big problem once finding what they are willing to eat. But also I read that they will eat smaller, top dwelling fish. I don't have any fish that stay at the top of the tank other than my 7 tiger barbs, all of which are full sized. My only worry is my 4 peacock gudgeons, which are newer to the tank and small ( about 1 1/2" ). They normally stay near the bottom or mid level tank but one likes to be near the top corner. Would this fish be food for the AFB? they are longer than most my other fish but very slender. I hope they will be fine together as id like to try this oddball in my 55 gal tank. yes its very sealed at the top and has plenty of floating plants for the AFB ( frogbit ).
  2. OP

    jehortonValued MemberMember

    Also I have tiger barbs as mentioned above. Sometimes They like to nip fins on new fish.
  3. Seth15

    Seth15Valued MemberMember

    Hello @jehorton .

    What you have heard about african butterfly fish being finicky when it comes to eating is correct. They are all wild caught and are sometimes difficult to get them to eat. They can also be easily outcompeted for food. They only eat at the surface and trying to feed them without the other fish trying to eat can be a challenge.

    I personally wouldn't recommend getting one, mainly due to the tiger barbs. African butterfly fish have long flowing fins that the tiger barbs will be tempted to nip at.

    Perhaps you can try keeping an african butterfly fish in a separate tank.

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