Advise On Reassembling 80 Gallon Tank After 24 Hoyrs

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Corrie Williamson, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Corrie WilliamsonValued MemberMember

    Hi. I am going to apologize in advance for the lengthy post.

    We had to dismantle our 80 gallon tall tank tonight as it was in front of a gfi plug that tripped taking out the tank and 2 other crucial plugs.

    Our fish have been carefully re-homed to a temporary tank until our electrician moves the plug tomorrow. We saved 50 to 60 percent of the water, the fluval u4 filter that I am not using in the temporary home is in the old tank water in a bucket the other fluval u4 and sponge filter are in the temporary tank with the fish. The gravel is all submersed in old tank water as well as all of the ornaments. We aren't able to keep the heater going all the tine in the temporary tank but will be able to run it every couple of hours so the water doesn't get too cold I just can't leave it in there due to spacing issues and one of the angel fish already decided to swim between it and the wall and got stuck as it has to go across the wall instead of up and down.

    My question is this. When I reassemble the 80 gallon tomorrow and reinstall all of the old tank water, gravel, filters etc. Do I need to wait before I can return the fish? Or would it be just like doing a 50 percent water change given that everything is still in old tank water. They are super crowded in the temporary tank as it is less than half the size and we have
    4 angels (3 of whom are fairly large)
    5 red minor tetras
    4 sword tails
    2 sailfin mollies
    2 platys
    2 ottos
    1 panda cory.
    We also have 4 Amazon swords and several Marimo moss balls.

    Is there anything I should do to reduce the stress when I place them back in there?

    I do have a 40 gallon as well but I have a pair of breeding angels in there and the female is very territorial so I don't see that working as a temporary home at all for any of the fish.

    The electrician could only come at noon tomorrow and it took 4 hours to breakdown the tank and move all of the fish so there was no way I could do that before work in the morning. And the tank being in a built in cabinet had to get moved to fix this problem.

    Any advice would be great.
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  2. David LawsonNew MemberMember

    I would wait for the tank to cycle for 2-3 days. Anyone agree?

    While I'm here just remember that cories are schooling fish and in your 80g you should probably keep 6+.
  3. Corrie WilliamsonValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the advice. We did have more but they didn't do well in that tank and we lost all but this one whom seems very content. I noticed that some fish just don't do very well in our community tank despite the parameters being right for them. When that happens I tend to leave the remainder to live out their life but don't restock them.
  4. Corrie WilliamsonValued MemberMember

    Just an update. We have reassembled the tank allowed it to run for 24 hours and rehomed our fish. Our grey leopard male angel was (and still is) very stressed out and lost all of his colouring and his spots. He was almost pure white so i didnt want to leave them in there any longer. All the other fish are doing great and eating. The tank perameters are all good and I will monitor it for the next few days but all 3 filters were wet the whole time and 2 were operating the entire time do I think it should all be good now. Thanks again.

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