advice please- stocking time :)

  1. petaddiction

    petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    finally time to start stocking my 20 gallon high! I just wanted to run my plan by y'all.
    So my stocking plan is:
    6 male guppies
    6 neon tetra
    5 false julii corydoras

    temp- will stay around 76 Fahrenheit/24 Celsius

    pH- 7.6

    filtration- I still have to order it. I'm going to use Aqueon quietflow 30 because I have Top Fin 30 and it is far too loud.

    substrate- sand

    decor- driftwood, lots of live plants

    does the number of fish sound about right?

    I'm planning on adding the guppies and cycling with TSS. Then I'll add the cories. Then I'll add the tetras.
    Does the order of this sound fine? How many fish should I add at a time and how often?
    Thanks guys! I can't wait to get this tank up and running. I've had lots of trouble deciding on how to stock it and I hope all my research over the past months will pay off.

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  2. c

    curiousfish New Member Member

    I just wanted to let you know I have an Aqueon filter and it is really quiet. So good choice there.

    As far as how many fish to add at a time, I think it is one fish per 10 gallons when you are using TSS so starting with the guppies is a good idea. They are typically hardy and won't get stressed out by the small number.

    Good Luck!