Advice on what type of floating plant is best for my setup. My Red Root Floaters didn't make it, what else can I try?


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I have a 10 gallon planted tank with 3 anubias, 3 small java fern, and 1 amazon sword. For stocking I have a betta, 2 ghost shrimp, and a hillstream loach. I had some Red Root Floaters but they struggled in my tank. The roots were brown and leaves were melting. My tank lid LEDs weren't strong enough so I used an extra light from my old 5 gallon and started using some Seachem Flourish for them, They got their red roots back and were looking good so I removed the extra light and within 3 days they turned brown and melted away so I removed all of them. They were a pain to keep alive and always created this oily looking biofilm. I'm wonder what other floating plant options would work for me. My lighting was definitely the problem but it surprised me as I read that RRFs could be grown in almost any lighting conditions. Is there any floaters that can thrive in a low light environment? I like water lettuce so I'm interested in that and I know that I don't want duckweed.
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