Advice On Dwarf Sag Vs. Dwarf Chain Sword

  1. C

    CPARKTX Valued Member Member

    Which would you recommend for a shorter, slower growing plant for the fore/midground? I am not going for a totally carpeted to other suggestions too...
  2. O

    OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    Dwarf Sag is hard to kill. Of course it will do better if you feed it and give it proper light, but mine grows slowly even if you don't.
  3. BuddyD

    BuddyD Valued Member Member

    I have 5 dwarf Sag for a month now, no noticeable growth, but all green and healthy looking. I don't have dwarf chain sword but from picks i've seen they look shorter than Sag. Both do best in good light.