Advice On Coral Gobys Please!


We've had a red coral goby doing well in our tank for awhile now and just got a green one. I ensured the dealer would take it back if there were territory issues as it's not a massive tank - about 20 gallon display and I had concerns. Actually they are very peaceful and always together. Would this indicate they've become a mated pair? The red one has developed a more elongated body quite quickly and is far more confident and out and about since the other went in.


HI In my experience, these guys are usually referred to as clown gobies, but unfortunately, that's about as much as I know since I've only seen them in other's tanks. Wish I could be more help but since I can't, I'll call on a few buddies who might do better. coralbandit Culprit ryanr
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I don't much about gobies. They are considered a peaceful species and can be kept in groups.

It's possible they are pairing up, but too early to say mated pair, that can only be confirmed if they breed.


Not sure on the cross species breeding of clown gobies, or if they have just formed a basic symbiotic relationship (ie mutually beneficial) which can happen between fish of different species. Either way congrats on them getting along.
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Cheers guys, I'm just pleased they get on well and seem to boost each other's confidence and provide good company. Our clownfish are looking like a mated pair but no eggs yet. Whether or not we end up with fry it's lovely it's a happy tank. Our dottyback and fire shrimp were mates until the dotty sadly passed after sumping himself - he was rescued but passed days later from either the stress or unseen internal injury, needless to say I've covered the weir now with mesh. The fire shrimp now has quite a bromance with our new mandarin, they cuddle while he's cleaning him and always hang out together.

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