Advice On 40 Breeder Stocking

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Catfishgal, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Catfishgal New Member Member

    Hi all! Fairly new to the fish keeping game but am very excited to be starting a 40 gallon tank soon. Obviously stocking is a ways down the road but I can’t help but to start researching possible fish to put in the tank. Anyways I have come up with a rough idea of what I’d like and am hoping for any feedback/advice you have to offer!!!

    Pearl gourami Neon tetras Harlequin Rasboras Otocinclus Corydoras

    These are some types of fish that I am interested in putting in the tank and I’m just wondering how many of each or if this is too many types and I should make some adjustments or what. Thanks!

  2. MJohnson Valued Member Member

  3. Catfishgal New Member Member

    I like the cardinals a lot too! I just have read a lot about how pearl gourami like to be with some of their own as long as it’s not multiple males and I hate the idea of one lonely fish. Your numbers are really helpful in assessing how many fish I can accommodate, thank so much!!
  4. MJohnson Valued Member Member

    No problem. I wanted more than 1 pearl as well. However, I was told they can be aggressive when breeding and could harm the smaller fish.
  5. Catfishgal New Member Member

    Yeah I read that somewhere and I’m honestly not able to sex them myself but I work at a LFS and am surrounded by people who would know lol. I figure if I can stick to females I’ll be in the clear.
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    I love pearl gourami, they are some of the most beautiful fish you can get. I suggest you wait until the tank is well established with other fish for a couple months at least.
    Yes they are much less aggressive then most gourami. you can get 2 for sure. I have , over the years, kept about 4 different pairs. 3 of those times, i somehow, ignorantly? or accidently? ended up with a pair a males. 2 of the 3 times they hung together like best freinds their entire life, The third pair I had to seporate. So yes a male and female is probobly better.
    Neon tetra, they are very sensitive little fish, I would urge you to start with just about any other species of tetra, maybe not cardinal tetra are more sensitive and you must have a nutral 7.0 Ph or lower for them Black neons are awesome and more hardy, X-ray are the longest living and most peacefull tetra I ever had.
    Otos, Very sensitive live caught strictly omnivore fish. You should not buy them before you have algae growing in your tank, they need a transitional period to adjust to commercial foods and can die without algae. Cories are a simpler hardier bottom dweller you might think of getting first. Get 5 or 6 corries and you could always get otos when your tank is more established. I dont want to sound like a downer, but lossing all those sensitive fish would be worse.
  7. Catfishgal New Member Member

    Thanks, all of this information is really helpful! I’ll have to further research the tetras because I have a 29 gallon with black neons and I’d really like to switch it up and go with a more interesting type in the 40. Thanks for the tips about when to add the gourami and otos. I have 5 otos in the 29 gallon but the tank had been going for a while before that and there was a substantial amount of algae for them to munch on. In terms of the Gouramis, I had wondered if maybe the smaller fish should come first so thanks for confirming that. Do you have any advice in terms of numbers of fish in each school?
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    Hi!, you should have no less then 6 fish in a school, I like to add more like 7-8 because sooner or later, you are gonna lose some. And with neons, its unfortunatly often so0ner, I kep them only once, But I have read of their frailty on many forums. Get them if you want, they are beautiful. Maybe 10 or so, they seem to thrive in larger numbers.