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    nitrite level wont go down

    Hi, i have been using this site for info for about 3 months now, this site has great info so i never really needed to sign up to ask anything till now.

    Ok, I have a nitrite problem. let me tell you my problem, (to keep it short if u dont wanna read my nitrite level wont go down)

    I went to the pet store one day to get food for my turtles and saw some awesome guppies(Blue Grass) and i just had to have them. I knew they'd get Eaton if i put with the turtles so i bought a cheep 10 gallon tank. At the time i didn't know about the cycle seeing as turtles only swim in the water. I bought a corner filter, heater, light, testing kit and Prime.

    I added warm tap water with prime and put it all together then added the fish, used the testing kit and hp was 7.5 ammonia was 0 nitrite was 0 and nitrate was 0.

    So i thought OK all is good.

    I tested every 2 days with the kit and all was good. Then i woke up one day to find 40 fry, so i went to the store and bought one of the breeder box things and fry food.

    i kept cheeking the water levels and one day noticed the nitrite wasn't blue it was .25 so i looked around and learned about the cycle and read that water changes and prime will fix it, luckily i already had the prime so i did a 25% water change that did the trick!

    Later on i check and all was good.

    now (2 weeks later) the fry are about 1/2 inch big (still in net) i did a water check and nitrite spiked to .50-1.0 at this time i know my tank is over stocked so i do two 25%-50% water changes a day.

    I have been doing this for 4 days now and the nitrite level just wont go down every time i check its anywhere from .25-1.0

    The fish seem health but i just cant get the level down.

    Today i woke up to notice their was about 30 more fry swimming at the top of the tank.

    I plan on getting a 30 gallon tank today i was going to get Tetra Safe-start but my lps dont have it. The guy told me i should use "" and i can put fish in instantly. I dont know on that one tho. I really dunno what to do with all the fry(please dont say sell because i dont intend to) i have a 55 gallon tank as well with angles but my angles would kill even adult guppies. so i know that's out of the question.

    For now my problem is getting my nitrites to stay down in the well over stocked fish tank.

    I know that was a lot to read and anyone who read my story and has a answer for me i do thank you in advance.

    Current set up:
    The tank has been set up for exactly 24 days.
    10 gallon tank
    one blue grass trio (2 inch)
    40 two-week old fry
    30 ten-hour old fry
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  2. jdhef

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    Have you been testing for ammonia also?

    If your ammonia is zero, it would appear you are in the middle of the nitrite stage of the cycle. They best thing you can do, is to do daily 40-50% water changes with Prime until your nitites drop to zero.
  3. flyin-lowe

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    Its hard for me to tell from the time line how long your tank has been set up. I think about two weeks. As you have read about the cycle it starts with an ammonia spike then the ammonia will begin to be converted to nitrites. When you are cycling a tank with fish this can take several weeks if not months. So the fact that your nitrites are not going down yet is not an issue specific to your tank. This is why a lot of people cycle without fish because you will need to do daily water changes to keep the ammonia and nitrite levels low enough. I tried to cycle my first tank with fish and after 8 weeks it was still not close to being done. I went with Tetra Safe Start and it worked perfect for me. I am not sure though how fry would do with the TSS. I don't breed live bearers and I am not sure how hardy they are. I don't know if the TSS would be harder on the fry then what they are going through. The good new is you are doing research and able to recognize what is going on in your tank.
  4. OP

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    0 ammonia just checked right now
  5. Shawnie

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    welcome to fishlore!!!
    you are doing everything right at this point....continue with daily changes and the will take a few weeks unfortunately :( but it will keep the fish safe...also test your tap water maybe you have nitrites in that?

    finding tss will help and sometimes you have to order it online......congrats on the babies!! good luck!
  6. OP

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    Ill add that to my post. the tank has been set up for exactly 24 days.
  7. OP

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    Thanks! wow, everyone hear really replayed fast by time i edited my typos i has 3 replays. Thanks for the advice this is the first time in about 5 years iv actually had fish (i went to red ear slider turtles and now just getting back into fish as i made room for another tank.

    OK my tap water seems to have 0 nitrite

    hum it was $20 +6 shipping for only a 8oz bottle for tss?
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  8. jetajockey

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    How about transferring some filter media from the angel tank?
  9. OP

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    i could but i dont want to risk hurting my fish seeing as the water levels are much different in that tank (30 nitrate 0 nitrite) im worried that much of a change might kill them.

    i am going to seed the 30 gallon tank i just bought with it anyways then move the fry over when i think its safe.
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    If you use some media from your established angel tank for the 30 gal tank, it should give you almost an instant cycle. You can put the fry in when you put the media in.

    Or you can run the filter that you are going to put in the 30 gal on the angel tank for a couple weeks and then put it on the 30 and add the fry.

    Either way you do it, make sure to keep an eye on the water parameters and be prepared for water changes with prime if they get out of wack.

    Good Luck
  11. OP

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    Thanks for all the help, i really do appreciate it.