advice needed!

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    kelly0910 New Member Member


    I have recently bought a 400 litre tank and will be starting to fill it within the next couple of weeks. I did not think about weight at the time of purchasing but someone has just mentioned it to me and made me paranoid now!
    As i live on the first floor i was wondering if the floor will be able to hold the weight of a full 400 litre tank? As far as i am aware it is only wooden floor underneath but will be checking with landlord to find all the details out about the structure.
    Has anyone been in the same situation or any suggestions/advice??

    Thanks :)
  2. thequietman44

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    I lived in a house built in the 50s and I opted not to set up my 125g. When I jumped in the living room the floors bounced and the walls rattled :). It might have been okay if I put the tank over the central support beam or against an outside wall, but I wasn't going to chance it.

    I would just get the details from the landlord and see what he thinks.