Advice Needed Please - Water In Check Valve And In Air Pump


HI all,

I have a new Tetra Whisper 60 which has a check valve in place and is attached to an airstone, last night I turned off the pump at the wall. I have just noticed that there is water in the check valve and it has gone into the pump so that when I shake the pump I can hear the water inside and it drips out of the bottom. Obviously water and electrical equipment is really unsafe. Why did this happen? Is it because I turned it off? In future if I turn off the pump do I need to disconnect it from the air tubing? Feeling very stupid.
Is there anyway of saving my pump as I only just purchased it or is it really unsafe to use now as I guess there's no way to get the water out.

Thanks for your time

Zigi Zig

Your check valve most likely bad or install incorrectly check to make sure arrows are going correct way. Check valve is a one way device that is installed inline in the airline tubing, which allows air to pass in one direction, and prevents water (or air) from traveling backwards and entering the pump outlets during power outages or when the pump is not plugged in..If there is already water in it I would return it. also air pump should be running all the time just like your filter..


Replace your check valve. Unplug your pump and hang it upside down to allow all the water to drip out then plug it back in and it should be fine. You could also take the case of it apartif you have a small compressor and blow it all out with some air.

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