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So I am still fairly new at owning fish and all. Heck, my 5 gal JUST kicked into a good cycle and I had fish in there for months before I knew anything about the nitrogen cycle. (I blame the products I bought at Wal-Mart, the tank kit I bought there advertised that as long as you put in x chemicals it was immediately ready). Anyway, that tank is now going great, fish are doing well, and all is good. I want to give those fish more space and get them a 10 gal now and give my betta fish the 5 gal. I know that regardless I will have to set up a new tank, but do you have any advice on how I should go about this?
I thought I could set up the new 10 gal tank, transport half of the gravel from the established tank and maybe use the same filter for it too. Would this be about the right idea?
Plus I've never had a filtered tank for my betta and I wasn't sure if the cycle process would be the same.

Any advice is welcome! I would hate to be in the same predicament I was before doing daily water changes to get the stupid tank levels stable!

King o´ Angelfish

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The gravel wont do hardly anything for your cycle. Ideally you would put the filter from your 5 gal into the 10 gal. Your 5 gal filter is cycled. While the cycled filter is in the 10 gal, add another filter to the 10 gal. The cycled filter will do the cleaning while the new filter starts stacking up on bacteria. During this time, you may have fish in the 10 gal, but not the 5 gal since there is no cycled filter in it. After a month remove the 5 gal filter back to the 5 gallon tank. And there you have it! 2 cycled tanks ready for fun!
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