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I am attaching a photo of one of my 5 otos. He obviously has septicemia. It started next to his pectoral fin. It looked like he was getting better. The redness went away but it looked like he was left with just enough scar tissue to keep his fin out away from his body. But now, two weeks later, the white mass has grown. Once he landed on the glass where I could get a better look, I see that he also has some red streaking on his belly. He acts normal, and still hangs with the other otos in the tank.

Does anyone have any ideas for treatment, qt, euthanasia, prognosis for the little guy?

For info...
55 gallon, planted
Parameters 0, 0, 10. Ph 7.0
Tankmates are rainbow fishes, 1 pearl gourami, 1 ram, 1 twig catfish, 1 golden Zebra Loach, and 5 neon tetras.

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